Who we are

TheShopCom was born from the idea of ​​a team of enterprising people, each with experiences and successes in different sectors.

Despite the differences, the least common denominator is the desire to bring benefits above all of psycho-physical type and then also economic to the greatest number of individuals.

TheShopCom is therefore the fusion of established professionals, products and services of excellence, basic and superior training, all present on a Web Marketing platform, based in Switzerland, of the latest generation with truly unique performances.

The business model on which the business is based is the Affiliate Marketing Hybrid, an innovative concept that allows anyone to be able to draw economic benefits immediately without extra ordinary efforts.

After a year of preparation, which started in September 2017, the final project was launched in January 2020.

There are five poles that make up the Italian-German team of TheShopCom.

The winning strategic partnership is with Joachim Kaeser, Researcher, Naturopath and Phytotherapist, a globally successful entrepreneur in the world of high-performance Natural Nutraceuticals and Cosmetics.



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