TheShopCom Affiliation Program


  1. Lower Price on the purchase of our productsi
  2. Product quality guarantee
  3. Access to exclusive products in the Shop 
  4. Can become affiliate and earn online
  5. Can activate a recursive purchase profile  


  1. Earn up to 25% on direct sales
  2. Earn 25% on the sale up to 8 levels 
  3. Earn up to 50% on the marketing box sale 
  4. Earn from the general sales of affiliated shops  
  5. Earn from the sale of platform services and APP 
  6. Access to Advanced Marketing courses with € 67.00 monthly
  7. Requests from Company Website


  1. Up to 43% discount on purchased products
  2. Cannot create network
  3. Generate invoice 
  4. Automated management of the administrative area
  5. Physical shop in our portal  
  6. Industry professionals can be affiliated as a shop
  7. Professional product training
  8. Possibility to participate in the revenues of the global network

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